The four New Haven WIC offices will be hosting four events in conjunction with Food Day New Haven. First, all offices will be distributing copies of “New Haven Cooks.” The Fair Haven sites will prepare and serve their featured soup, as well.

At the Hill Health Center, there will be food demonstrations using recipes from “New Haven Cooks.” The Yale-New Haven site will be creating a food activity packet for children, and the Saint Raphael site will be preparing simple snacks and conducting a food tasting in their office.

Sounds delicious!


To find out more information about WIC, check out these links:





Check out Chef Tagan Engel on Channel 8 CT Style: http://taganskitchen.blogspot.com/2011/08/tortilla-pizzas-and-tv.html

And be sure to check out her blog, too! http://taganskitchen.blogspot.com/

Saturday, October 22nd

5-7pm at the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

Join us & experience the evening meal at the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen dining hall as our guests do daily. Eat and experience the Soup Kitchen and see how the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen operates it’s evening meals. Menu TBA by Director of Operations, Linda Carbone, & assisted by DESK Evening Coordinator, Megan Lamberti. Menu will include food donated by local farmers & vendors! Question and answer period to follow meal with Executive Director, Diana M. Richter.

Dine to End Hunger is a unique dining experience with the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen to be held Saturday, October 22 2011 at the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen Dining Hall (located at 311 Temple Street, via Right Basement Entrance).

The Dine To End Hunger dinner will be held from 5-7pm with doors opening at 5pm. There will be a guest speaker TBA, and from 5:30-6pm a meal will be served.

A $10 donation will be requested for attendance at the door. 

There will be FREE PARKING in the Yale Lot #51 across from 311 Temple Street.

All proceeds go directly to emergency food providers helping to fight hunger in the New Haven Community.


Food Day New Haven is on a roll!

We have an awesome logo that Tom designed:

Additionally, we are so thrilled here because of all the great people, community organizations, and city groups who have expressed an interest for and commitment to Food Day New Haven! Thank you!

We also want to thank Stephen Fries for all his help and support! Stephen is a passionate foodie and knows everything there is to know about the food scene! Definitely check out his blog (though maybe not when you’re hungry. . .)

Thanks Stephen!

The Food Day New Haven crew also delivered a presentation to the New Haven Food Policy Council this morning, and we want to tell all the council members, affiliate members, and guests that we appreciate your enthusiasm, contribution of ideas, and support!

Thanks council members!

Also, thank you to all the people and community organizers that have RSVP’d to our Food Day Brainstorming Meeting! We appreciate your support!

Here is what is on our food radar:

Food Day advisory board members Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Andy Fisher, Executive Director of the Community Food Security Coalition, will be holding a webinar (the 3rd in the Food Day series, hosted by the national Food Day organization) called Hungry for Change on Thursday, July 28th from 3:30 to 4:30 pm EST.

From Food Day, “[Congressman Jim McGovern and Andy Fisher] will lead a conversation about food security and hunger in America, addressing ways that individuals, organizations and policymakers can make a difference by working together on Food Day.”

The 11th Annual Blues, Berries, and Jam Concert Series is coming up this month! The lunchtime concert series is held on Wednesdays during the summer on The New Haven Green from 12:00pm-1:30pm. The series coincides with Cityseed’s Downtown Farmers’ Market, which is Wednesdays from 11:00am-3:00pm and located at Church Street at the Green.
(Thanks to Randy for the photo and logo!)
Here is the schedule : July 27  Cobalt Rhythm Kings, August 3  Mojo Boys , August 8  Bluzberry Pi, August 17 Dan Simeone Band, August 24 Cross-eyed Cat , August 31 Travis Moody Band

The concert is presented by UltraRadio.com  and  Radio 104.1 in conjunction with New Haven Department of Cultural Affairs and Town Green Special Services District.


Enjoy all the local produce and food  at the Cityseed farmers’ markets. All five of the markets are currently running, and who can resist the fresh summer produce?

Here is the market schedule:

  • Wednesday (11:00am-3:00pm): Downtown Market at Church St. at the Green
  • Thursday (3:00pm-7:00pm): Fair Haven Market at Quinnipiac River Park, corner of Front Street & Grand Avenue
  • Friday (11:30am-3:30pm): The Hill Market at Connecticut Mental Health Center, corner of Park & South Streets
  • Saturday (9:00am-1:00pm): Wooster Square Market at Russo Park, corner of Chapel Street & DePalma Court
  • Sunday (10:00am-2:00pm): Edgewood Park Market at the corner of Whalley & West Rock Avenues
Local Food News Links
From The East Haven Patch and The North Haven Patch, check out these food articles:
  • More East Haveners Applying for Food Stamps: “There was an 83 percent increase in the number of East Haven residents who received food stamps from 2007 to 2010.” 
  • Food Truck Round-Up
  • New Haven: Food, Culture, and IKEA: “New Haven is famous for pizza (or, locally, apizza.) Devotees can spend hours arguing over whether Sally’s or Pepe’s in Little Italy, or Modern in East Rock, is the best. You can diplomatically avoid this conflict and go around the corner to the Bru Room at BAR on Crown Street. It’s a brewery and nightclub, but the best part is the delicious thin-crust pizza topped with cheese, tomato sauce, or both, and whatever else you choose to add. Another tasty option, especially if you just need a beverage or a light snack, is Woodland Coffee & Tea. Located in Sherman’s Alley, a pleasant little space in-between buildings, Woodland has bright indoor seating and outdoor tables. They serve fresh fruit smoothies and a variety of sandwiches and baked goods.”

Happy Tuesday! Here is some food for thought, and since it is still early in the week, no reading required! (or at least, minimal reading)



From Grist, “Why It’s So Hard to Reform the Food System, Explained in One Chart.” This chart shows that increased median earnings are not correlated with increased wages, but rather with increased hours working, and, from the article by Tom Laskawy, “It’s very hard to make change in the food system in an environment where wages are flat. As I’ve argued before the low and decreasing costs of industrialized food and low-nutrient, high-calorie “food products” have stood in for wage increases for the past several decades. And any call for consumers to cook more — like the eloquent one from Mark Bittman the other week — runs up against the reality that we (women in particular) are working more hours than ever.”


Here are two videos as part of a series Daniel Fromson is doing for The Atlantic called “5 Videos That Will Change How You Think About Food”

Michael Conrad: “Rebuilding Our Food Infrastructure” from TEDxManhattan 

Dr. Melony Samuels: “Campaigning Against Hunger”


Brian Beutler: Chart of the Day: “‘Out of Control Spending’ Really Not Out of Control At All” and, as Marion Nestle explains, “Why the U.S. does not have enough money to pay for food assistance programs, safety regulation, better school food, or support for sustainable agriculture.”


The Future of Food: How Science Will Solve the Next Global Crises from The Atlantic. A series of fantastic graphics, posted a couple years back, about the intersection of science and technology and the future of food. Check out all the beautiful graphics here


Ground Zero of the Obesity Epidemic? The Center of Your Grocery Store from Wired 

(The cost per calorie of food in the grocery store, with the most expensive foods for cost per calorie being produce)

(The number of calories per 100 grams of weight, with the highest calorie per gram foods being snacks and cereals) 


And for all the coffee-holics on this Tuesday morning: 

How Coffee Affects the Global Economy from Mint.com


Change the Way You Think About Everything from the World Wildlife Fund



And if you get your daily dose of caffeine from soda instead of coffee, check out The Illusion of Diversity: Visualizing Ownership in the Soft Drink Industry from Philip H. Howard, assistant professor at Michigan State University


And one last infographic Comparing Starbucks and McDonald’s from Princeton University

Food access is a huge issue: 23.5 million people lack access to a supermarket within a mile of their home.

The lack of a nearby supermarket has a huge impact on consumer health and wellness, with studies showing that rates of obesity are highest in communities without supermarket access. The health impact is due to the fact that neighborhoods without supermarkets must access food through local corner stores, which often provide unhealthy options and little fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Average Corner Store (http://www.1stcrownrealty.com/images/convenience-store.jpg)

New Haven, however, is making a big change through the Healthy Corner Store Initiative. 

This initiative, spearheaded by CARE (Community Alliance for Research and Engagement) and the New Haven Health Department, promotes the sale of healthy food options, like fruit and vegetables, in corner stores around New Haven. Two corner stores recently adopted the initiative: Clinton Food Center and Adam’s Deli & Food.

Clinton’s Food Center (from http://taganskitchen.blogspot.com/2011/06/as-ive-said-more-than-few-times-lately.html)

From the New Haven Register: “At the Clinton Food Center these days, the first items that greet you when you walk into the market are pineapples, melons, mangoes and oranges, as well as some fresh vegetables, small bags of snacks and unsweetened cereals.

Adam’s Store (from the New Haven Independent: http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/ corner_stores_wade_into_health/)

From the New Haven Independent: “The idea is to combat diabetes, obesity and other health problems faced by often carless city shoppers who rely on the high-fat junk food at their neighborhoods’ mom-and-pops, which, like Adam’s, are often right by schools.”

Check out this great video about New Haven’s Healthy Corner Store Initiative!

And to learn more about the Healthy Corner Store Initiative, check out:







Hi Food Day New Haven Fans!

Here are some upcoming local events you may be interested in:

The  Fair Haven Farmers’ Market has its season opening tomorrow, July 7th! The market is open from July 7-October 27 every Thursday from 3:00pm-7:00pm, and is located on the corner of Front Street and Grand Avenue in the Quinnipiac River Park. The Market is a collaboration of CitySeed, Junta, and GAVA.

(Fair Haven Market: From Google Maps)

In other Farmers’ Market news, CitySeed has announced that the Hill Market will be running a Community Supported Market (CSM) that is open to the public! From CitySeed: “CitySeed’s Community Supported Market is an opportunity for community members – including SNAP and WIC recipients – to access fresh, healthy produce from local farms during the market season. Shareholders receive a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farms at the Hill Market. Fresh baked bread can also be added to share orders.”
You can send an email to ashley@cityseed.org or call 203.773.3726 to learn more information or to sign-up!

Here is our round-up of local and national food news:


West Haven Culinary Teacher Cooks Up a $20G Victory on Bravo Show: Congratulations to Joel Gargano, culinary teacher at West Haven High School and chef at Bar Bouchee, who won $20,000 on Bravo’s “Rocco’s Dinner Party.”

Free Food for Kids This Summer. . .And a New Food Truck in CT: New Haven School Food will be serving FREE breakfast and lunch meals to all children 18 and under in Hamden and New Haven this summer at 41 open sites from Tuesday 7/5/11 until Friday 8/5/11. Our goal is to feed as many children in New Haven this summer as possible. From Tim Cipriano. Here is a link: http://www.ctsummerfood.org/ and the link for the location finder: http://www.ctsummerfood.org/location-finder


Food Advocacy: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Involved

TV Junk-Food Ads Do Boost Kids’ Appetites: StudyThe children involved in the research reported a greater desire for sweet and fatty foods after viewing the junk-food ads compared to days when they watched commercials for toys. from Reuters and thanks to Yale Rudd Center for their post on the article onFacebook!

Tough Week for a Meatless Monday: “Like every day in America, the Fourth of July is a celebration of protein. But the Fourth is a special day for burgers and ribs, not beans and rice, a day with contests to see who can eat the most hot dogs, not the most veggie patties. If you’re anti-meat, the Fourth of July can feel anti-you.” from the New York Times by Mark Bittman

And if you want even more Mark Bittman, check out Make Food Choices Simple: Cook:

Advocates Call on Obama Administration to Strengthen Menu Labeling Rules: “American adults and children consuming about one-third of their calories from eating out, menu and vending labeling will provide important tools to enable people to make informed food choices and spur industry to cut calorie levels in their offerings.” from the Center for Science in the Public Interest

Food Matters: How To Shape Policy: Advocate! Vote!: “The ability for individuals, acting singly and together, to exercise democratic rights as citizens holds much hope for achieving a more equitable balance of power in matters pertaining to food and health. Join the food movement. Use the system to work for what you think is right. Act alone or join others. You will make a difference.” from Marion Nestle’s blog Food Politics